Heisman – 2014 to 2017 (moved to LA)

We have a white lab puppy named Heisman.  He means the world to us. We go to work every day and never worry about him because Stacey is amazing.  She is professional and knowledgeable and, most of all, she loves our little guy like he’s her little guy.  And on the few occasions when we’ve been home for Stacey’s visits, we’ve seen firsthand how excited he is to see her.  It’s the best part of his day. The best part of our day is getting photos of Heisman playing with his buddies.

– Justin B and Marissa O, Newport Coast

Halsten & Goliath – since 2009

Stacey is so fantastic I don’t know what I’d do without her!  Not only does she take my Golden on the best play dates ever, but she’s always there for us in a pinch. She has referred me to great vets, trainers, and boarding services, and has helped take care of my Golden when I was too unwell to walk him. I know I can always count on her…that’s why she’s affectionately called “Auntie Stacey” in our home.

– Kristen A, Turtle Ridge

Archie – since 2010

We’ve had “Aunt Stacey” since we brought Archie home as an 8 week old runt. The only person more excited about our new addition was Stacey.  That was almost 5 years ago, and we cannot imagine life without her.

Stacey is not just a dog walker, she’s a partner in the health and well being of our pup. Without her, our Vizsla would not get nearly enough exercise or socialization, and because he does, he is the sweetest little boy.

Rain or shine, Aunt Stacey shows up, cheerfully, and makes Archie feel like he’s the only dog in the world.

If you want someone who will care for your dog with the same amount of love and attention that you’d give, then Stacey is it!

– Jackie & Barry B, Harbor View

Magnum, Sydney & Beau – 2003 to 2015 (moved to TN)

We met Stacey when we moved to Southern CA 12 years ago. She quickly became part of our family. She has helped our whole family through the sadness of losing a pet and the excitement of adopting a new one. Stacey has taken care of our all dogs as if they were her own.

Our labs always were excited to see her because they knew it was playtime with other furry friends or maybe if they were really lucky a car ride. Now that our dog has become older she still makes him feel special with her kindness by just hanging out with him. Stacey has always been there for us. The Fox family thinks she’s the BEST!

– Peggy & Skip F, Turtle Ridge

Kona – since 2012

Auntie Stacey spoils me with cool dog adventures each day! My favorites are chasing race cars in the park and playing at the dog beach. I’d do a backflip if I could when she comes to get me. Best part, my mom says that when I come home, I’m too tired to eat any more of our couches!!

– Jenna & David R, Turtle Ridge

Dawson – 2014 to 2015

It’s party time for our Golden Retriever, Dawson, when Stacey comes to get him to play with many of her other doggie friends. Stacey is very reliable, safely cares for our pet, and has his best interest at heart. He always comes home tired and happy! Thank you Auntie Stacey!

– Nicole & David F, Cameo Highlands

Bentley & Hayley – since 2014

Stacey was referred to us by our friends to help with our new 10-week old Golden Retriever, Bentley. She has been an amazing all around resource and support person for our family and Bentley. Stacey has always been professional, caring and willing to help in any way she can. Bentley loves to go on his doggie play dates with Stacey and his dog pals.  Our new Golden, Hayley, loves hunting for critters while Bentley fetches. We would highly recommend Stacey to anyone who wants to have a well behaved dog. A tired dog is a good dog!!!!

– Brooke & Joe S, Harbor View

Gracie & Millie – since 2010

Simply put, Stacey is the person you want caring for your dog!! She is, in my opinion, the best there is – professional, friendly, reliable, always willing to help out, generous, trustworthy, and, above all else, loves your dog like it’s her own. Truly, I can’t say enough good things about her!! I would also add that she really made a big difference in taking our rescued rough and unsociable “street dog” and turning her into a much better play companion with other dogs. She helped us with our lab Millie too when we added a puppy to our pack. We have utilized Stacey’s service for 10 years and couldn’t be more satisfied.

– Naomi & Gary E, Harbor View

Heidi & Gracie Mae – since 2005

We met Stacey in 2005 when at 6 months old our golden retriever “Heidi” was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia and had TPO surgery on both hips. At that time we had 2 grandchildren, ages 1 & 2, and our daughter was having a difficult pregnancy which meant I had to leave for LA on a moments notice. Stacey was always there for me…on a moments notice. Stacey understood how to handle a dog that had 2 six week recoveries and was afraid of the world. She introduced Heidi to other dogs, brought some over for a swim on hot days ( Heidi watched) and helped her learn to walk with a few others.

When we got our new 11 week old golden puppy, Gracie Mae, Stacey introduced us to a trainer and came to several sessions. The help and new puppy care advice Stacey has given us is priceless. She is all about puppies, and will be a big part of showing Gracie Mae the big world she lives in. Thank you Stacey!!

– Kathy & Steve P, Corona Del Mar

Liebshen – 2014 to 2016 (moved to San Francisco)

We love Watch Dogs CdM! Our previous dog walker took our Bernese Mountain Dog on a 1 hour power walk. As time went by Liebshen didn’t want to leave with her and wouldn’t come to the door. Watch Dogs was recommended to us by our groomer. We found the end of the rainbow!! Stacey takes Liebshen to the park with a nice group of other dogs. She gets a good work out and best of all she loves the socialization. Liebshen is an only child.

Every morning Liebshen waits by the front door for her Auntie Stacey. I assume she equates the light outside with Stacey’s arrival. As the time gets closer she stands up with her nose at the door anticipating Stacey. Interestingly, she somehow senses the days that Stacey isn’t coming, and does not go to the door. It’s a joy to see Liebshen’s happy dance when Stacey arrives. She then goes outside and without prodding jumps into Stacey’s car. It’s such a good feeling to see our dog’s happiness. Our Berner and I feel contentment having found Stacey and that she is in our lives.

– Sandy & Rick P, Corona Del Mar