CDM Dog Walks

Dog Walk & Trail Trots

If you like company another friendly dog can typical join us for a walk at a local park or a play date off leash. If you prefer your own space or pace you can opt for a private spin around the neighborhood. Typically 30-40 minutes on-leash at your favorite speed. Post-walk belly rubs, fresh water and feeding (if needed). One hour trail trots, play dates, pool parties and beach outings also available for active dogs. Space is limited so there may be a waiting list.


Puppy Socialization & Sitting

It’s so rewarding to help our puppy customers grow up into well adjusted canine citizens. It’s never too early to socialize according to this link: Position Statement on Puppy Socialization by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. Before a pup has all his shots I visit your home for potty breaks or puppy sit if you need to go out in the evening.

Socialization includes introducing puppies safely to new dogs and a variety of new experiences. I also offer training reinforcement – teaming with you and your trainer to practice good manners. I’ve helped families select a puppy (from a breeder or rescue organization), because it’s important to chose the right dog for their lifestyle.

after bentley nap puppy

Pet Sitting Vacation Peace of Mind

For our dog walking regulars I offer pet sitting when they are on vacation. I stay at their home and their dog enjoys their regular routine with “Auntie Stacey”.

Rates start at $30 for a half hour visit and $40 for an hour visit and consider:

  • Number of pets
  • Time requested  
  • Extensive training and experience
  • Consistency in care and quality of service

Our Service Area

Our service area includes all of Corona Del Mar and some of the surrounding communities. Please call or contact Stacey to see if your area is included.